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News from Long Gully

The garlic harvest is in, tomato seedlings are growing, next year's firewood is stacked, the fruit trees are netted and the greywater system is undergoing maintenance in preparation for summer. It is now time for Advent and the closing of a year; time to step back and take a fresh look at things.

Manna Gum's work has proceeded quietly since the last edition. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, we had to cancel the 'A Different Way' Week due to Covid/lockdown uncertainties. I have had the privilege of speaking at a number of churches over the last couple of months, although all pre-recorded over Zoom (sigh). Interestingly, all of them wanted to think about money in the life of their church. Jacob and I have recorded a couple more podcasts which should be be available by the time you get this.

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May you find a moment of quiet awe and worship in the presence of the Christ-child this Advent.


Jonathan Cornford

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