Manna Gum is an independent Christian non-profit organisation that seeks to promote a vision of life that is truly good news: for us, for our neighbours and for the world.

We publish articles, podcasts and other resources that provide a biblical perspective on economy, ecology and other important stuff.

Manna Matters

Manna Matters is the quarterly of Manna Gum, covering topics such as Economics in the Bible, Everyday economics, Understanding the times, People living differently, Ecology in crisis, Poverty and Development.

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MannaCastOur monthly podcast

Episode 27

Episode 27

Slavery in our Food with Heather Roberts

Which foodstuffs are most at risk of slavery? How does slavery get into—and out of—supply chains? On this episode, Jacob talks to Heather Roberts from Just Kai, an organisation which promotes slave-free choices in food. Food made with slave labour is hidden in plain sight in every supermarket – Heather’s here to tell us how we can be part of the change to a more just food system.

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Manna Gum seeks to live within the economy of God - frugally, ethically and through the generous sharing of abundance within the community of faith.

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Public Lecture: Grief and Hope in an Age of Climate Change

How might ancient practices from within the Christian tradition help us in processing potentially overwhelming emotions and assist us to live well in the face of ecological uncertainties?

Wednesdays 7pm, from 17th July (fortnightly)

Christianity vs Capitalism

A webinar series taking a deep dive into understanding capitalism and a Christian response to it.